The clinic’s mission and purpose is to provide the most high quality medical health care to the members of their community and to promote personal health and wellness to all of its patients, new and old. The clinic offers cutting edge medical technology and practices, as it follows medical guidelines and policies that are laid out and observed in medically advanced, developed countries. This allows the clinic to follow and adhere by the highest ethical standards expected and demanded within the medical profession. The clinic is proud to support the community and to have been such a longstanding and integral part of this community. The clinic is always welcoming new patients and applications.

The clinic is run by a dedicated staff of trained professionals. The team is well educated and top of the line. They are friendly and dedicated to carrying out the clinic’s mission and vision. The team is well versed in the latest medical technology, terms and receive ongoing training to ensure that the clinic is ahead of others in its knowledge and ability to work with and for valued members of the community.

The clinic focuses on general medicine and, evidently, cardiology. The clinic is in a period of growth whereby it is expanding in hopes to broaden its spectrum of offerings and include other disciplines. Visit the website to keep up to date on the clinic’s offerings. For any and all questions and inquiries, reach out to our clinic and/or one of our well trained staff will be happy to assist and to help.