About ECHO tests

about-echo-testsAnother test and process that the clinic offers is an echocardiogram, often referred to as an ECHO. This process is unique in that it uses sound waves and a type of ultrasound to formulate an image of your heart. The waves used create a vivid image that show the shape, texture and movement of heart valves as well as the size and shape of all four heart chambers and their success.

ECHOs are often recommended for a variety of reasons that include assessment of heart murmurs, heart muscular damage, heart attacks and heart infections. The procedure may also be recommended if and when patients experience or face abnormal heart sounds, shortness of breath, chest pains, family history of stroke or other family medical hereditary concerns. The test can be a reactive or precautionary measure and is extremely effective in recognizing and diagnosing heart valve issues.

The procedure involves gel being smeared on your chest, as this gel makes it easier to transmit sound waves. The transducer is moved over your chest and will be cold but not at all painful or uncomfortable. This machine detects sound waves. The test can typically last anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the reasons, the person and the doctor. The tests are typically administered at a specialized test center by a cardiologist. There are centers located in most major cities, but can occasionally require travel by the patient.

There is no measures required before or after the procedure. If you have questions or concerns prior to or following the procedure, the best option is to consult the test center or your own doctor. They will help you best handle the procedure. There is no serious or harmful risks associated with the procedure, but each individual is different and should understand their own health and personal wellness.